Society for Woman is He

In our so-called civil society, a man (He) decide girl's present, future and past ( even before birth, a girl will take birth or not). Most of the religious books are written by men.  Here describe an ideal society where woman treated as power and as a Goddess, just opposite in our present society women are treated as the thing or a subject to please the men. If she is able to please the man then her life is heaven otherwise she faces hell in the society and her life becomes a curse for herself.

Our Society for a woman is Heaven or Hell?

Woman participation in society for crucial decision is very less, almost nothing. Men's are elected, make policy and applied on the society where women are compelled to follow the rule.

In the Whole world, woman percentage of in-active politics is just a symbolic, they perform political works but they don't take tough decisions in a national and international perspective.

The civil society called her a half population of our world but they don't get treated as equality of men. They are treated as second class human in men's society.

The women are harassed and assaulted for sexual and physical desire by men., the men called it maleism and superiority status in society.

The Girls have not decided their destiny in our society; the male, his Father, husband or big brother decide what they will do or not in their life.

There is no only a dark side for women in society,  most of the country and international bodies are committed toward women uplifting and their equal right to men in the society as well as in very personal mental and physical mattes.

Most of the people will not agree with the author because there is a glowing side of the story about women where women are dominating men in all areas, its good for women which are half of the world society. It's a hope for women who are not getting the right to equality as men.

The authors motive to raise issues of women in society, intellectual needs to consider their problems and law-makers should make policy to protect them.


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