Green for All

Environment day-to-day going worse due to heavy air pollution by transportation, factory pollution, extra exploitation of natural resources like deforestation, unnecessary groundwater exploitation. We already discuss green reservation that is the best way to get closer to the green atmosphere.  In the early age of civilization, we lived in a natural environment and we were totally depending on natural resources for all kind of need. As sun for light, and for the home we depended on wood and soil or rocks cave. The Human lived in jungles and in a group for social needs like home, food and other basic needs lived near a riverbank, for water human depended on the river and for meal looks animals that are directly not providing any kind of source of edible things. The human comes in a very mindful and brave creature among other creature of the universe. Today's threat for greenery is itself human.

Now, these days human depend on artificial things like light and home. We totally depend on artificial things such as pots, clothes, medical treatment. Human lives in society and participates in function, ritual, cultural activities for strong bonding between people to people connectivity.

 'Green for all',  means the eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle for all.

'Green for all' means a green lifestyle, green transportation, clean energy and healthier air, that is healthy for our human society.

Green for All 

Green lifestyle today important for a healthy lifestyle in the modern age. Because natural things are full of herbs and salts. These are beneficial for the healthiest lifestyle.

'Health is wealth', A very old saying that means prosperity as well as health.

The human lives a healthy life by getting close to the green environment. For a better outcome, we must follow the best lifestyle. Get to the closer to the healthy lifestyle by adopting green things like clean energy, green transportation.

The Green is known for better health and social activity in the colonial age. Most of the people live in a green environment for better health.


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