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Things Warnings The Human

Natural and Man-made things warn for saving the life and future of the human. Few of them warn of climate change where people are living and few things warn unusual act by the human which is not in favour of climate as well as the human itself. There are many things, indicators, widgets, and devices that help human and tells in advance what is good for the human being.

Natural Things

1. Global Warming

Global warming is also an indicator of climate change which directly affects human. The Global atmospheric temperature warns human to take measures to control the atmospheric temperature.

2. Greenhouse Effect

This increase in heat is called the greenhouse effect. A greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs infrared radiation (IR) that comes from the sun rays and diffuse heat in all directions. The greenhouse gases, listed in order of abundance, include water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and any fluorocarbons.

3. Increasing Seawater Level

The Increasing seawater level also warns human to stop the unnatural act, that causes global warming ultimately affects seawater level and its temperature. Increasing seawater level and decreasing glaciers are shrinking human living area.
Melting Glaciers

4. Decreasing Groundwater Level

The Groundwater level indicates the human to stop the unnecessary exploitation of groundwater and warn to take necessary measures to maintain the groundwater and re-establish water reservoir. Because those water bodies are shrinking due to the increasing population. That is why enough water does not absorb in the mainland and ultimately rainwater directly flow away into the sea by the rivers.
Ground Water

Man-made Things

1. Temperature Measurement Devices

Temperature measurement device helps the people to warn about atmospheric temperature and electronic operated product and heating product. We know these as a thermometer and hygrometer. Hygrometer helps in measuring the environment humidity. The most common use of the thermometer by doctors to know human body temperature.
Thermometer and Hygrometer 

2, Speed Measurement Devices

Wind speed widget 'Anemometer', helps in measuring wind speed and Vehicle speed widget 'Speedometer' helps to measure vehicle speed. The Human by these devices secures himself from the speed of air and control vehicle speed.

3, Air Pollution Measurement Devices

Air pollution widget helps to measure air quality level and warn the human how much harmful or good air in his surroundings.

4. Earthquake Measurement Devices

Earthquake Widget, we all know about the rector scale that measures the vibration of the earth. This device helps human in the prediction of the earthquake.
Rector Scale

5. Noise Measurement Devices

Noise Pollution devices (Noise Meter) help human to measure sound in the indoor and outdoor environment.

6. Statutory Warning Label

The human itself secure the life and future of human society by Statutory Warning Label on harmful products and dangerous things.
Here not the end of the things there are many more things, many things I did not mention and some of the things coming soon which we don't know. The human continues inventing things and warning systems to secure life of the human being.


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