OMG - OH My Greenery 24x7

OMG - OH My Greenery 24x7

Here OMG stands for Office, Home, Market Yard, and Ground. These places by the human being created to secure their social activities. Mostly human destroy the greenery of land and build these places. The increasing population is a big reason to build more this kind of places for human being where they can perform their social activities. Maximum Greenery saves the future of the human being on the earth.

Office Greenery:

The office is the most important place for the human being, where he works and earns his livelihood; almost he passes 6 - 8 hours of a day. So it's important for him to make sure the office premise must have greenery. Between the greenery, a human work efficiency increases and he feel refresh all the time. We can categorize the office as sub places like school, government office, corporate office. Here we can place the indoor and outdoor plants according to office space and adaptability of people.


Office Greenery

Home Greenery: 

The home where people live with his family and take rest to ready to face the next day challenges. The working people almost stay here 6 - 8 hour and their family lives 24 hours a full day, so it more important to make sure the greenery in the home. The Greenery can take place in the home in the form of the potted plants. The many plants can place into the room like Snake Tongue(Mother-In-Law's Tongue), Money Plant, Spider Plant, Jade plant, Burgundy Rubber Plant, Splash Dieffenbachia, Peace Lily Plant etc. These plants make the fresh air in the room, we can say these air purifier plants.


Home Greenery


"The human future is secure when greenery takes place more"

Market Yard Greenery: 

Market Yard is a third most important place where people visit for shopping and 3 - 4 hour spent between the heavy crowds. The Greenery performs the most important role to maintain fresh air and air oxygen level. We already discussed the importance of Greenery in Green Reservation post "Development must but Greenery first".


Market Yard Greenery

Ground Greenery:

The Ground means open places like a playground, parks and connectivity road, where people plays for hours, on the road they commute from one place to another place sometimes takes hours. The people play or travel in open places almost 3 - 4 hours a day. The Greenery has a vital role in these places because the people exhaust so much energy at play and in travelling then the body requires a lot of oxygen. The other reason is pollution in the air caused by vehicles and factories.

Ground Greenery

Ground and Roadside Greenery

The conclusion is that the greenery is our need for 24x7.


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