5E defines Indian Civil Society

The civil society considered as the group of people connected to each other by common interests and collective activity. The Indian civil society is basically a family oriented civil society that's why they are also morally connected to each other. India is the multi-lingual and multi-religious civil society. There are five elements (5E) which define Indian civil society in the present scenario.

Education is the most important element of any civil society. The Spiritual, cultural, scientific and religious education helps to the people of the country to develop skills to increase productivity in favour of nation and society. The Indian civil society strongly recommends what type of would be the education system and educational material for the inclusive growth of the nation.

Job security for all by paid work or self-employment assistance. The Indian civil society sets government accountability to provide jobs to the people of the country according to their interest and skill. The employment is the guaranty of food, clothing, house and other basic needs.

The Indian civil society also performs a big role in Social and Technological development for all with minimal damage to the environment and enforces government to maintain a healthy social environment during competitive growth in the world. The development should be multi-dimensional and benefit to every citizen.

The Indian civil society is producing and distributing goods and services to make money within the country or region that is called the economy. Finally, the government manages the economic exchange by the governing body. Sometimes the governing body and companies misuse the national resources (like human resource and many different natural resources) then civil society creates pressure over the government. The economic growth of the country is the Indian civil society growth.

The Indian civil society elects own Head of state and nation for every five years. The civil society has the governing body of state and nation directed by the constitution. The political party requests to every individual of civil society to vote his party for the service of people and nation, this process called government formation through the election.

5E is my easy way to define Indian civil society I hope you would like this post.


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