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Green Reservation

As much as reservation required for uplifting our poor and lower caste community of civil society as well as today’s our atmosphere required ‘Green Reservation’ on land and air for the sake of humankind and creature’s long live. Because land and air both are at the very poor level of the green quality index. One of the most popular problems is global warming that arises just because of continuing deforestation and reducing the green lands like the big forests are also a reason.
Green Reservation - Forest

No doubt development is necessary for any civil society, this change nobody can stop but we have to conscious for ecological balance that comes from green land.

“Development Must but Greenery First”

We can’t reverse it like, 'development first then greenery must'.

We have to reserve greenery first, can’t let the greenery destroy. We can add the things in this natural environment no one can change it or put anything else instead of greenery (natural green lands).
Green Reservation - Forest House

Already we have damaged our environment badly by removing jungles, greenery, and natural water reservoirs. Now it's time to wake up and in each and every development scheme we have to include green reservation for a better future living environment.

Remember these are secondary treatments or essential measures as mention below mostly applied in all development scheme but they can’t take place of natural greenery or green lands.

1. If we are establishing factory first consider green power such as solar and hydropower etc. The factory premise should have green land and a small water reservoir.
2. If we are making a Smart City first consider green power for houses, streets lights, and transportation.
3. If we are making a house so we have to focus on proper sunlight into every room. The house must be surrounded by green plants and having a small water harvesting system.
4. Donate plants with the pot to poor and aware them about greenery first.
We can make a beautiful and healthy living world by applying these points.
Green Reservation - Green Smart City

Green Reservation is a must for our beautiful earth's ecological system. We can’t survive a long time on the earth without greenery. It’s a good source of Oxygen (O2) and absorbs greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) etc. Carbon dioxide is the most significant long-lived greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution anthropogenic emissions – primarily from the use of fossil fuels and deforestation – have rapidly increased its concentration in the atmosphere, leading to Global warming. If we want to strengthen our ecological system so we have to focus on the green lands. At the time of fast development on the earth, we have to reserve greenery and the green lands.


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