Employment Vs Education

There is a big challenge in India to tackle unemployment situation because of many weaknesses in the education system. Educational institutions provide maximum theoretical knowledge to their students. This is only applicable in the standard environment of market and industry. But in reality, companies are work on rule of profit at any cost above the social responsibility. It is not mean all companies. Our educational system must include an internship in all courses to educate the student in a productive manner.
But lack of proper educational system we find there is a mismatch between job opportunity and education. Most of the time we find educated students are not an eligible candidate for the job, just because of corruption in education system many educational institutes providing degrees without proper examining the candidates. are eligible or not. According to their education, they don't get a job in the market because they are unable to fulfill a job requirement.

Mainly education system has divided into two types according to employment, first one skilled education and second one non-skilled education. By the skilled education, we get doctors, engineers, software engineers and other professionals. Another hand by the non-skilled education we get workforce for office and clerical jobs.


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