Christmas Celebration And New Year Resolution

Christmas celebrated by Christian across the world in December month. This month comes in the winter season. This period whole world living in a cold climate, most of the countries having snowfall this month. Everywhere snow spread like a white velvet sheet on the earth. In between Jesus Christ born in the midnight of 25th December, the celebration reaches the peak as well as new year welcome preparation starts from Christmas.
The best part of Christmas is other religious background people also celebrate and exchange gifts & greetings from the well-wisher. Children jump, Young pumps and Old thumbs up in the winter season. Winter brings people close in different ways like food sharing, cloth sharing, heat sharing etc.
There is an old story where an old man that is called Santa comes in the midnight of Christ birth night and gives gifts to poor people or who is actually needy. Children are special to him that's why he love and care for them a lot. Many rich people come out to help the poor in many ways, its a good thing of the festival. This day many events organized by people across the world for helping poor children and old.

Christmas celebration means beautiful decoration (Christmas Trees) good wishes, and sweet cakes, especially kids are celebrating it with high enthusiasm.

Help poor and disabled to feel happy about them and encourage to celebrate with all others.
Peoples are travel to Christmas destination to celebrate the festival with friends and family.

This is the time for new year welcome and setting an objective of the year what changes will occur in personal life for the betterment of own life as well as the social environment where we are living. Care and love to all its message of Christmas and New Year Resolution gives strength to the commitment done by anyone.


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