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How to make a perfect memorable day?

Hey, guys, we are living in a very hectic schedule of life and livelihood. There are a few things can make your day as a perfect memorable day, even every day. Yoga Prefer a light yoga to fit yourself mentally and physically. It is good to add to the morning routine.  Quick  Yoga Tips Healthy Breakfast Having a healthy breakfast will boost your energy for the day long.  Eating a breakfast within the first few hours of waking up is much healthier for you and your child. People who eat breakfast tend to have a lower risk of many health conditions. Healthy Breakfast Tips ,  Why is it the Most Important Meal of the Day? Thought of the Day Carry a good thought for the full day like "think good, do good for all", it gives you mental strength.  50+ Happily Positive Thoughts for the Day Current Affairs Keep your eyes on current affairs by a different medium like journals, newspapers, and tv-news for better social life. Job Work

Christmas Celebration And New Year Resolution

Christmas celebrated by Christian across the world in December month. This month comes in the winter season. This period whole world living in a cold climate, most of the countries having snowfall this month. Everywhere snow spread like a white velvet sheet on the earth. In between Jesus Christ born in the midnight of 25th December, the celebration reaches the peak as well as new year welcome preparation starts from Christmas. The best part of Christmas is other religious background people also celebrate and exchange gifts & greetings from the well-wisher. Children jump, Young pumps and Old thumbs up in the winter season. Winter brings people close in different ways like food sharing, cloth sharing, heat sharing etc. There is an old story where an old man that is called Santa comes in the midnight of Christ birth night and gives gifts to poor people or who is actually needy. Children are special to him that's why he love and care for them a lot. Many rich people

Happy New Year Wishes

Happy Woman Baby and Women Education Woman infant infanticide is a massive hassle in India, commonly mother and father are avoid lady infant they decide on boy infant. no doubt women are doing excellent, even the girls schooling ratio very poor. So in 2018 female baby maximum welcome due to the fact can emerge as Manushi Chhillar, Geeta Phogot, Priyanka Chopra, Mayawati, Sushma Swaraj and many others simply they need an encouragement by means of our society. Satisfied Farmer In India farmers continually go through, some time herbal motives and a while guy made motives like authorities regulations aren't supporting them. After a hard work, they prepare crops but not getting the desirable value of their crops. So in 2018, we desire them for desirable crop and price of the crop. Happy non-public and agreement employee In India maximum of private and contract personnel are running on a totally tight schedule on a low paid stipend at the side of process instab

Employment Vs Education in India

There is a big challenge for India to tackle the unemployment situation because of the many weaknesses in the education system. Educational institutions provide maximum theoretical knowledge to their students. This is only applicable in the standard environment of market and industry. But in reality, companies are work on rule of profit at any cost above the social responsibility. It is not mean for all companies. Our educational system must include an internship in all courses to educate the student in a productive manner. But lack of proper educational system we find there is a mismatch between job opportunity and education. Most of the time we find educated students are not an eligible candidate for the job, just because of corruption in the education system many educational institutes providing degrees without proper examining the candidates. are eligible or not. According to their education, they don't get a job in the market because they are unable to ful

Swachhata ki Mahatta 'Importance of cleanliness'

Swachha Bharat Movement in India started by Mahatma Gandhi before freedom of India. Many times Bapu preaches peoples about to live a clean and healthy life, it makes your good health and willpower strong enough. Clean environment help in reducing any kind of diseases. He said people to clean own toilet utility. There are many saying like in Hindi "Swachha Tan Mein Swachha Man" means the healthy body has the healthy mind. in English "Health is Wealth" here health directly related to money because if you are healthy then diseases will stay away with you.  Cleanliness  of body and environment makes you fit and healthy. After freedom the government of India launched many sanitation programs in rural and urban  areas but this movement got first official starting in 1 April 1999 named as Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) there are many provisions to clean India, later on it is restructured as Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan (NBA) by Prime Minister of India Manmohan Si