Good days 'Achhe Din' become just a slogan

Here we are daily listening about Good days( Achhe Din), it just an illusion kind of slogan, it works as a hope for better and best will be next. We are all by nature very optimistic if anybody gives some kind of assurance we look more hopefully towards him. Most of the people work for their family, earn bread and good kind of services. Always they look forward to better meal and service in future.

Basically, we are progressive we want day to day new challenges where we find real happiness. But when you feel these days are good and accept it, then it works as an illusion. You never want to change in circumstances and you think nothing can be better than it.
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Today's these two words  ' good days ' ( Achhe Din) have become a very popular slogan. Political parties are using as a tool for winning elections. Every party defines good days for people in own favor.
It is just like a very attractive recipe but after having you feel it's not as good as you thought. Suddenly you comment it can be good after adding some spices now you agree with that recipe after some changes. Now actually you are saying it is good otherwise it could be bad.
There is a popular saying "Man Ke Haare Haar, Man Ke Jeete Jeet". When you are fed up with the existing environment then you looking for the change.
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Political parties are using it very cleverly to tempt voters towards them. The optimistic people find a ray of hope, it works always for a certain period of time.

Do you know? Ex. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh given first time this "Achhe Din" Slogan.


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    1. Thanks, Adarsh

      I recently started blogging, most of the things I am still learning.



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