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Good days 'Achhe Din' become just a slogan

Here we are daily listening about Good days( Achhe Din), it just an illusion kind of slogan, it works as a hope for better and best will be next. We are all by nature very optimistic if anybody gives some kind of assurance we look more hopefully towards him. Most of the people work for their family, earn bread and good kind of services. Always they look forward to better meal and service in future. Basically, we are progressive we want day to day new challenges where we find real happiness. But when you feel these days are good and accept it, then it works as an illusion. You never want to change in circumstances and you think nothing can be better than it. Today's these two words  ' good days ' ( Achhe Din) have become a very popular slogan. Political parties are using as a tool for winning elections. Every party defines good days for people in own favor. It is just like a very attractive recipe but after having you feel it's not as good

Vote for future

Voting is good for healthy democracy so please after four or five years a day come for use your voting right, don't let it go spoil because of your next four or five year based on it. This decides your social environment where you are living. Voting right provides by our constitution to every citizen of India who is 18 years old. The people can elect own representative in Parliament and Assembly elections. Using an app to find your voting slip regarding municipal council election or forthcoming in future, The Voting is your fundamental right, use it to shaping the future of the country as well as your children. Come out join the festival of democracy. Municipal council body is the basis of our world's biggest democracy. Raise your questions and vote for answers, this act will make your city beautiful like your dream city. You can, you can, you can...... just cast your vote above the castes and see the magic of democracy, where is the rule of the people and by the p

GST- Galti Se Tax (गलती से टैक्स)

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax but day to day amendment stands for 'Galti Se Tax'. The government of India in a requisite stand in front of public and companies. The government urges companies to share benefits due to reduced GST ...... GST amendment to be continued ... No doubt it is good for the nation. One nation One tax system is helpful in the growing economy of Inda. India is the world's fastest-growing economy among developing countries. Goods and Service Tax GST rates reduce to tempt voters and GSTN flaws a reason for trouble in returns submission in front of Businessmen that's why GST collection of October month fell down by 10 %. October month GST collection is ₹ 83,344 crore. Meanwhile, CBEC directed his office to take measures to check fall in revenue collection. Add caption Finance ministry presents last year October month revenue collection around ₹ 92,000 crore, falls in revenue is due to rate cuts in many products &