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Don't put dirt on Facebook

I request to all face of the Facebook please don't make it Dirty Facebook. It's playing a very important role in our modern lifestyle. I wish all face (friends) be happy and find a colourful face to make more Colorful Facebook. There are much more to write but enough to understand what am I saying.......please be a real face of Facebook and make successful its original aim. Facebook User Facebook a powerful social media, use it in a constructive manner to build a new relationship and develop a new idea-sharing platform. By using this social media you can promote your business by inviting your friends and further they refer their friends, means your reach to your prospect is very easy.  Today's Facebook is a big tool used in creating fan following by the political parties and film actor to increase their rating. Facebook Business Page You can promote your product on your Facebook page that is very simple to create on Fb. Facebook is most popular socia