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Green Reservation

As much as reservation required for uplifting our poor and lower caste community of civil society as well as today’s our atmosphere required ‘Green Reservation’ on land and air for the sake of humankind and creature’s long live. Because land and air both are at the very poor level of the green quality index. One of the most popular problems is global warming that arises just because of continuing deforestation and reducing the green lands like the big forests are also a reason. Green Reservation - Forest No doubt development is necessary for any civil society, this change nobody can stop but we have to conscious for ecological balance that comes from green land. “Development Must but Greenery First” We can’t reverse it like, 'development first then greenery must'. We have to reserve greenery first, can’t let the greenery destroy. We can add the things in this natural environment no one can change it or put anything else instead of greenery (natural gree
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GST In India - Ghost of Single Tax

Why  I am calling GST as Ghost of Single Tax while we all know GST full form is 'Goods and Services Tax' because 2 years completed of GST rolled out. The GST was launched at midnight on 1st July 2017. The government said it is a great reform in the tax system in India after 1991. But there is no positive effect on Business ease and no growth on Central Government Revenue. The economy of the country is now running in crisis just because of GST and regular changes in the economic policy of the government. The government had targeted growth in 2% GDP within 2years.  The GST is performing and scaring as a Ghost in the market among businessmen as well as small shopkeepers. Ghost of Single Tax The government brought tax reform as One Nation, One Tax in the country, and targeted growth in 2% GDP within 2years but no growth in GDP. Last two years overall annual GST collection of government per month is 90 to 95 thousand crores. The central government had targeted 1.5 lacs c

Society for Woman is He

In our so-called civil society, a man ( He ) decide girl's present, future and past ( even before birth, a girl will take birth or not). Most of the religious books are written by men.  Here describe an ideal society where woman treated as power and as a Goddess, just opposite in our present society women are treated as the thing or a subject to please the men. If she is able to please the man then her life is heaven otherwise she faces hell in the society and her life becomes a curse for herself. Our Society for a woman is He aven or He ll? Woman participation in society for crucial decision is very less, almost nothing. Men's are elected, make policy and applied on the society where women are compelled to follow the rule. In the Whole world, woman percentage of in-active politics is just a symbolic, they perform political works but they don't take tough decisions in a national and international perspective. The civil society called her a half population

Green for All

Environment day-to-day going worse due to heavy air pollution by transportation, factory pollution, extra exploitation of natural resources like deforestation, unnecessary groundwater exploitation. We already discuss green reservation that is the best way to get closer to the green atmosphere.  In the early age of civilization, we lived in a natural environment and we were totally depending on natural resources for all kind of need. As sun for light, and for the home we depended on wood and soil or rocks cave. The Human lived in jungles and in a group for social needs like home, food and other basic needs lived near a riverbank, for water human depended on the river and for meal looks animals that are directly not providing any kind of source of edible things. The human comes in a very mindful and brave creature among other creature of the universe. Today's threat for greenery is itself human. Now, these days human depend on artificial things like light and home. We totally d

Things Warnings The Human

Natural and Man-made things warn for saving the life and future of the human. Few of them warn of climate change where people are living and few things warn unusual act by the human which is not in favour of climate as well as the human itself. There are many things, indicators, widgets, and devices that help human and tells in advance what is good for the human being. Natural Things 1. Global Warming Global warming is also an indicator of climate change which directly affects human. The Global atmospheric temperature warns human to take measures to control the atmospheric temperature. 2. Greenhouse Effect This increase in heat is called the greenhouse effect. A greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs infrared radiation (IR) that comes from the sun rays and diffuse heat in all directions. The greenhouse gases, listed in order of abundance, include water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and any fluorocarbons. 3. Increasing Seawater Level

OMG - OH My Greenery 24x7

OMG - OH My Greenery 24x7 Here OMG stands for Office, Home, Market Yard, and Ground. These places by the human being created to secure their social activities. Mostly human destroy the greenery of land and build these places. The increasing population is a big reason to build more this kind of places for human being where they can perform their social activities. Maximum Greenery saves the future of the human being on the earth. Office Greenery: The office is the most important place for the human being, where he works and earns his livelihood; almost he passes 6 - 8 hours of a day. So it's important for him to make sure the office premise must have greenery. Between the greenery, a human work efficiency increases and he feel refresh all the time. We can categorize the office as sub places like school, government office, corporate office. Here we can place the indoor and outdoor plants according to office space and adaptability of people. OMG Office Gree

GST- Gujre Saal Tax (गुजरे साल टैक्स)

GST- Gujre Saal Tax Last year, July 1st, 2017 midnight GST launched by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. He called it "Good and Simple Tax". On the other hand, GST has been called by political parties, leaders, and common people of India by different-different names. The Opposition leaders strongly take on the government on GST application without preparation. Nobody can forget the last big decision of demonetization by the government. The country economy still not overcome by that cash crunch shock. One year of GST completed after a lot of amendments, in the future GST... GST amendment to be continued... Before GST there were many doubts about it like inflation will go up, not easy to apply on the ground etc. Finally, for last year retail and wholesale inflation almost have been in control. More than 1200 items with 0% GST tax. Highest 28% GST tax slab maximum items number brought down near about 50. Total of more than 300 items GST rate decreased. One Natio

5E defines Indian Civil Society

The civil society considered as the group of people connected to each other by common interests and collective activity.  The Indian civil society is basically a family oriented civil society that's why they are also morally connected to each other. India is the multi-lingual and multi-religious civil society. There are five elements (5E) which define Indian civil society in the present scenario. Education Education is the most important element of any civil society. The Spiritual, cultural, scientific and religious education helps to the people of the country to develop skills to increase productivity in favour of nation and society. The Indian civil society strongly recommends what type of would be the education system and educational material for the inclusive growth of the nation. Employment Job security for all by paid work or self-employment assistance. The Indian civil society sets government accountability to provide jobs to the people of the country accor