HOnour of LIke (HOLI)

Today's Holi means "Honour of Like". That is the real spirit of Holi, as a secular country. We have to give the honour of others likes and dislike. Holi is now worldwide known as the festival of colors as well as Hinduism festival. In India, Holi is celebrated in the honor of Lord Krishna and on the full moon day falling in the month of Phalguna (end of February and mid of March according to English calendar ).

Hindu people perform some rituals in front of the bonfire (known as Holika).  Before playing Rangwali Holi we burn some old but natural things to pure our environment that is part of our life but not good for civil society future. the same message comes from Holika Dahan describes as we refuse bad things of people and those bad things cannot be accepted as "Honour of like".

Many people of other religions the festival of colors celebrate to fill different colors and happiness in the life, Holi festivals memories rejoice us till next Holi. There is many s…

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